lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

mi weding day

I was swining in the pool and suddenly i remenbered that it was my wedding day.when i arrived home to change my clotes i saw england king, and he said to my that someone had kidnaped my girlfriend.after i drove my car to the police station but in the way i saw my girlfriends wedding clotes on the road and there was a not on it.the no said that my girl frend stay in a one castle to England. I whent to a one castle and ti listened her voice then i decided that i had to take out the hero i had in mei entered in the castle and when i arrived at the room she is whit whit three guardians.I fought with them and i killed them.
i take my girlfriend and we go up in the horse to come to the house and we put we weding to other day

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